April 12, 2021

Weed in the Wild: Bites & Bikes

Biking with Cannabis

All April long, we’re celebrating the way that cannabis combines perfectly with an active, outdoor lifestyle in our local area. This week, we’re focusing on biking and edibles— a great activity paired with a great way to enjoy cannabis anywhere you are.

All week long, we’ll be offering 25% off a different edibles brand every day in our store and online. But we want to do more than just give you the best quality edibles at the best possible prices— we want to help you have an amazing time enjoying the beauty of nature, too.

Los Angeles is an amazing place to enjoy a range of trails, from the paved and flat to the wild and mountainous. Here are our five favorite spots in Berkeley to have a ride, paired with our recommendations for the best way to bring edible cannabis into your active life for the best results.

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Bicycle Ride with Cannabis

The Best Bike Trails in Los Angeles

Cogswell Dam
This lesser-known trail is tucked into the San Gabriel Mountains, and we hesitated to even include it in this list because we don’t want the secret to get out. But our awesome customers deserve to know about the most beautiful bike ride in SoCal. You’ll be biking along a creek you can hear the whole way, gliding between tall trees and hills on both sides. Bring along food and you can stop at one of the many picnic tables along the road, and the entire path has just the slightest slope that you’ll hardly notice. Plus, there are no vehicles aside from the occasional forest employee or public works truck.


Ballona Creek Bike Path
Stretching 7.5 miles from Culver City to the beaches of Playa Del Rey, this is one of the best ways to get to the beach without a single traffic-jammed car in sight. Along the way you’ll pass the Baldwin Hills Stairs that serve as a great overlook and also feature some spots to hike around in nature. Note: The path is in rough shape for the first mile or so from Culver City, but have faith— it smooths out the rest of the way.


Griffith Park
Yeah, yeah— everyone knows Griffith Park. But what we love about it from a cycling perspective is that it has something for every style you’re looking for. Want a chill ride through the beauty of the park? Ride Crystal Springs and Zoo Drive. Looking for a serious leg workout? Tack on Griffith Park Drive for some climbing action. Plus, parking is free throughout the park— something that can’t be said of, like, anywhere else in LA.


Mount Wilson
This is a long trail (19 miles) with 4,500 feet of climbing, so it’s definitely not the choice for a chill evening ride. But it’s also a beauty, climbing from Angeles Crest Highway to the peak of Mount Wilson and giving you views of Angeles National Forest, the San Gabriel Mountains, and finally a panoramic view of the entire Los Angeles Area.


Marvin Braude Coastal Bike Trail
Sure, it’s one of the most popular bike trails in Los Angeles. But that doesn’t make this path any less amazing, with the chance to wind through LA, Santa Monica, and Venice as you take in the people, sand, and coastline. Plus, we love that it’s an accessible way to get to the beach without paying insane parking fees. The path can get a little sandy, but that’s what coastal living is all about.

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How to Combine Edibles & Exercise

Edibles have been growing more popular for long-distance fitness enthusiasts, but you don’t have to be a high-intensity road biker to enjoy their benefits on your ride. Even a casual ride can be enhanced through safe and responsible cannabis use, particularly with edibles.

First, consider the type of edible you choose— sativa, indica, or CBD-rich.

CBD-based edibles may not induce any euphoric effects, but CBD is well known for its therapeutic benefits as well as its ability to reduce inflammation. These traits can help you reach peak relaxation while enjoying a laid-back ride while also helping treat any swelling or soreness you may have along the way.

A sativa-based edible may provide more stimulating and uplifting effects during your ride, which can be great if you really want to push the distance and intensity. If you’re in it for a nice view on a smooth course, an indica-based edible may be a better choice thanks to the relaxing effects they sometimes have.

That said, sativa and indica classifications can be less important than cannabinoid and terpene profile. Terpenes are more than just aromatic elements of cannabis— they also help give it its beneficial effects.

If you opt for a THC-heavy edible variety, we recommend starting low and slow— particularly before a ride. Edibles must pass through your body’s digestive system before their effects are felt, which means it can take a couple of hours to kick in. Keep that in mind when planning your dosage before a ride. If you like the boost you can get midway through a workout, time your dosage accordingly!

Some people prefer their edibles post-exercise, helping aid with recovery and making for a great and relaxing cooldown as you remember the beautiful surroundings you’ve just experienced on your ride. If that’s the case, you can go for a higher dose— but always stay within your comfort zone.

We think that edibles and bicycles are the perfect match. All week long, get 25% off a new edibles brand every day at The Pottery. Then break out the bikes and take in the beautiful sights of our local trails!

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