How are New Weed Strains Made?

At the heart of Los Angeles, where trends and innovations meet, our Weed Dispensary in Los Angeles stands as a beacon for cannabis customers. One of the intriguing marvels of the marijuana world is the sheer variety of strains available. From the cerebral highs of Sativas to the relaxed vibes of Indicas, and the best of both worlds with Hybrids, the spectrum is vast. But have you ever wondered how new cannabis flower strains come into existence? Let’s find out.

How are new weed strains made

How Are New Weed Strains Made? The Basics

At its core, creating a new cannabis strain is about manipulating plant genetics to achieve desired traits. These traits can range from potency and flavor profiles to growth patterns and pest resistance.

Breeding 101

The most common method to create a new strain is through controlled breeding. This involves:

Selecting Parent Plants: Breeders choose two plants with desirable traits. These could be potency, flavor, color, growth speed, or any other characteristic.

Pollination: Male cannabis plants produce pollen, which is then introduced to the female plants, leading to fertilization.

Harvesting Seeds: Once the female plant is pollinated, it produces seeds. These seeds carry the genetic information from both parent plants.

Growing & Selection: Breeders plant these seeds, let them grow, and then select the offspring that best represent the desired traits. This process can take several generations to stabilize the desired characteristics.

Backcrossing and Stabilizing Strains

To solidify particular traits, breeders might use backcrossing. This involves crossing the offspring with one of the original parent plants to reinforce certain characteristics. Through repeated backcrossing, breeders can stabilize the desired traits over several generations.

Technology and Patience

Modern breeders have started employing sophisticated technologies, such as genetic sequencing, to understand the plant’s genetic makeup better. This knowledge allows for more precise breeding, ensuring that the new strains have consistent and predictable traits.

Breeding is not an overnight endeavor. It can take years, sometimes even decades, to develop a stable strain with the desired characteristics. And even then, continuous cultivation and care are required to maintain the strain’s purity and quality.


    After rounds of cultivation, testing, and perhaps many trial and errors, a new cannabis strain is born. It’s then ready to make its debut on dispensary shelves, like ours at The Pottery, where aficionados can indulge in its unique character.

    The creation of new cannabis strains is a delicate dance between art and science. It’s a testament to the passion, patience, and expertise of the breeders who are dedicated to advancing the cannabis frontier. At The Pottery Weed Dispensary Los Angeles, we celebrate this craft and are proud to offer a curated selection of strains, both timeless classics and innovative newcomers. So, the next time you light up or indulge in an edible, take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship and history that’s intertwined with every strain.