The Pottery Journal | Dec. 23, 2022

CANN cannabis infused drink

This week in the Pottery journal, we’re exploring one of our favorite brands, can’t miss LA cannabis events, and more!

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We love CANN cannabis infused beverages for plenty of reasons, not least of which is their commitment to creating new and exciting flavors that bring all the benefits of our favorite plant.

But cannabis-infused beverages are more than just a fun way to experience a great high. As more and more people are recognizing the benefits of abstaining from or at least reducing their alcohol consumption, cannabis beverages are offering them an alternative that brings much of the same benefits without many of the drawbacks. For example, cannabis infused drinks don’t come with a next-day hangover — or any hangover at all. They’re also potentially less habit-forming, all while allowing you to enjoy the social aspect of great deals. 

CANN cannabis infused beverages


If you aren’t subscribed to our Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series, you’re missing out. Every month we host cannabis webinars on a range of topics relating to cannabis, from its health benefits and responsible use to social justice issues relating to cannabis incarceration.

Want a sample? One of our most recent webinars was all about about growing your own cannabis— a growing passion for people across California. Learn about no-till and living soil growing methods, which offer massive benefits for both cannabis itself and our environment. Watch it here.

Cannabis Flower


The cannabis industry and its customers are some of the most environmentally conscious when it comes to making responsible choices in how we grow and how we buy. One of the best ways to do that is by buying locally-owned and farmed brands. But why does shopping local matter, particularly when it comes to cannabis?

When you shop local California cannabis, you’re helping ensure that you’re supporting your community with purchases that go right back into that community. You also help minimize transportation’s impact on the environment, with products that don’t have to be shipped over long distances to their final destinations in shops.

Looking for great brands close to home? Our Santa Barbara dispensaries are located near many of our top brands’ growing centers, including Glass House Farms (pictured below). Shop local, make your high sustainable.

Glass House Farms cannabis jar

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Don’t forget to check out our LA cannabis dispensary shop page to see what deals and offers are going on this week. And remember to download our cannabis rewards app to earn rewards and never miss a deal or offer.

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