Plant Shopping: Episode 1

“Plant Shopping” a brand-new video series by Glass House Brands, hosted by Marcus Malone. The show features interviews with notable athletes and celebrities who stand behind the plant and its medicinal benefits. Filmed at one of our local dispensaries, each episode delves into the guests’ personal stories with cannabis and educates viewers about wide range of products and their benefits.

In this episode of PLANT SHOPPING, NBA legend and 4x champion John Salley steps into Los Angeles dispensary The Pottery to shoot some hoops and shop with Floor Manager Nick Prete. Hosted by Marcus Malone, John shares stories about his cannabis journey, NBA career, and his latest venture, Mother Plucker, a vegan chicken restaurant.

Salley’s Shopping List

Want to shop weed like an NBA champ? Here’s John Salley’s shopping list from the video.

Deuces 22

Boutique growers and premium flower — that’s the standard held by John’s cannabis brand Deuces 22. Even the packaging is premium, designed to return your cannabis to the ideal 70 degrees Fahrenheit when closed.

PLUS Edibles

PLUS is a top-selling brand of vegan gummies, featuring a range of formulations. The 20:1 Relief variation features 1mg of THC, 20mg of CBD, and 5mg of CBG, making it the perfect “everyday” edible for subtle relief.

Fan of sativa like John? Go for PLUS Maui Haze.

Glass House Farms

State-of-the-art greenhouse growing makes Glass House Farms one of our most premium brands while still remaining affordable. John goes straight for Super Silver Haze, a classic sativa dominant strain that’s buzzy and euphoric.


Alien Jack is a popular sativa vape from Bloom, available in a surfboard-style pen that easily hides in the hand.


John doesn’t hesitate when it comes to prerolls — he goes straight for the Presidential Crescendo to make sure he’s on the up. Plus, the moon rock infusion offers a great “rolled it yourself in the woods” vibe.

That’s it for this first edition of Plant Shopping, featuring John Salley! Don’t forget to check out John’s fully vegan restaurant, Mother Plucker, where you can have the experience of enjoying amazing fried chicken and healthy greens — all without a single chicken being plucked, eaten, or harmed in any way.