Jam in the Van: How to get your tickets + Order delivery to the event

Jam in the Van

Jam in the Van is a 420-friendly live event series offering everything from music to comedy in a heady atmosphere you have to experience for yourself. This Saturday at 7pm and 9pm, they’re hosting a conversation with comedian Eric Andrew— and the Pottery is catering with an exclusive 4/20-friendly lineup of products available for delivery to a drop spot just outside the event.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how to get your tickets and how to place your delivery order ahead of time to make Saturday a night to remember!



Pottery Jam In The Van

Order from Our Exclusive Event Menu

Get Your Order Delivered by the Show


After you grab tickets at JamintheVan.com, here’s how you can order from our exclusive event delivery menu!


Select any items from the Jam in the Van featured row and add them to your cart


At checkout, type ‘Eric Andre’ in the notes for your order


Complete your order and it will be delivered during the show!

Make the most out of this can’t-miss event. Order from our exclusive event menu now and get 25% to 50% off!

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The Menu


GHF x F/ELD Infused Preroll Pack (Papaya Tarts)

GHF Sugar Tarts 1g Preroll

GHF Sour Dubble 1g Preroll

GHF Mac 1 5pack Preroll

GHF Flo White 5pack Preroll

GHF GMO 5pack Preroll


Tet & Tonic Single Can

Rosemary Jane Single Can


The Deals


50% Off

Glass House Farms

25% Off



The Event

Date: Saturday, 9/18

Location: Secret location in LA, announced to ticketholders

Time: 7pm Early Show, 9pm Late Show

Tickets: www.jaminthevan.com