August 27, 2021

Introducing Glass House Farms x FIELD Infused Pre-Rolls

Glass House Farms Infused Pre-Rolls


Are you ready to discover what Small can do?

This Friday – Saturday, all Smalls miniature flower packages from Glass House Farms are 20% off. These little nugs feature all of the strains you know and love from Glass House Farms, just smaller and at a lower price point. But it’s not just this killer weekend promo that makes Smalls one of the best values in cannabis.

We wanted to share a little about how these little wonders came to be, and why they’re the perfect combination of premium quality and perfect value for filling up your personal stock of cannabis.


Glass House Farms Infused Pre-Rolls

The Story

We all know pre-rolls, right? Glass House Farms has already been hitting us with our favorite cannabis flower lovingly rolled into ready-to-smoke joints for convenience, quality, and sky-high overall experience.

Meanwhile, F/ELD has been one of the most decorated creators of cannabis extracts in the entire industry, bringing their incredibly pure live resin extracts to the people all across California through an award-winning extraction process.

But what happens when you take some of those top-tier extracts and infuse them into a pre-roll along with Glass House Farms’ most premium flower?

Stronger, faster, highs in a pre-roll that never sacrifices quality. 

Meet the F/ELD x Glass House Farms infused pre-rolls, now available at all stores in the Farmacy family.

All the Live Resin & Diamond-Infused Goodness You Can Handle

Check out the packaging on any one of the pre-rolls in the F/ELD x Glass House Farms lineup, and you’ll notice the phrase ‘Live Resin and Diamond Infused.’ 

If you don’t know, diamonds are the name for the crystal-like structures that form in sauce, the honey-like cannabis concentrate with high levels of terpenes. That means that every one of these perfect pre-rolls features live resin and those terpene-rich crystals combined with flawless Glass House Farms flower. 

The result? Award-winning full-spectrum extract, sustainably grown California cannabis with only the best fresh-frozen flower strains, and no distillate, CRC processing, or artificially added terpenes.

Excuse us while we duck out to get some for ourselves real quick. We’ll be back in a few…hours.

Meet the Lineup

Class House Farms Multi Pack

Ice Cream Cloud | Hybrid

A distinctly sweet and hazy high, the creamy flavors engage the senses and evoke a soothing sense of euphoria. Like floating on an Ice Cream Cloud, the high is undoubtedly smooth and smiley. Vanilla notes dominate on the inhale, leaving you with a lip-smacking sense of satisfaction as you fade away to the rest of your day, feeling cloudy in the best of ways.

Strain Collab: Ice Cream Cake Extract x Super Silver Haze Flower


Glass House Farms Infused Pre-rolls

Citrus Apricot | Indica Dominant

Hello, sunshine. Where sugar meets citrus, this pre-roll checks all the boxes for a calm and creative high. You can expect a bold, lemon-berry blast to the palate that’ll linger long after you’ve burned this one down. The initial euphoria fades gently into a chilled-out vibe, as the slight indica dominance tempers the high and rounds out this potent, vibrant pre-roll.

Strain Collab: (Orange Apricot x Blue Dolphin) Extract x Sugar Tarts Flower

Glass House Farms Ingused Pre-Rolls Marine Layer

Marine Layer | Sativa Dominant

A mellow sativa can be hard to find, but this smooth operator brings the fruity terp bounce and blends it with classic Haze genetics for the perfectly balanced high, packed with flavor. Potent and bright, the cerebral buzz might get you giggling for no good reason, before fading into a hazy state of relaxation that’s more contentment than couchlock.

Strain Collab: Tropic Heat Extract + Super Silver Haze Flower


Glass House Farms Pre-Rolls Papaya Tarts

Papaya Tarts | Indica Dominant

The end of your day just got that much sweeter. With a double dose of Sugar Tarts drenched in Papaya Punch, you’re set up for an epic chill session regardless of the environment. Stress melts away with each inhalation, as funky flavors transport the body to the couch, and the mind to a blissful state of relaxation.

Strain Collab: Papaya Punch x Sugar Tarts Extract + Sugar Tarts Flower


Ready to try F/ELD x Glass House Farms infused pre-rolls for yourself? They’re available now at the Farmacy family of stores for in-store shopping, pickup orders, and delivery. Get yours now and experience the incredible pairing of premium flower and award-winning extracts today!

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