The Pottery Journal | Sep. 9, 2022

Allswell Cannabis, Available at the Pottery

Curious about what’s been going in and around your favorite LA cannabis dispensary? It’s been a busy summer, and we’re looking forward to a beautiful, warm fall in Los Angeles and our neighboring communities.

Here’s what’s new, exciting, and upcoming in our Pottery and our community.

News, Drops, & Staff Picks

We’re always bringing new and exciting California cannabis brands to our customers, and one of the new names you’ll see on our shelves is Allswell cannabis. You’ve probably already noticed their brightly colored pouches of flower and edibles in a range of strains and flavors at all our stores.

Allswell cannabis has taken a no-frills approach to packaging and marketing in order to bring high quality California cannabis to customers at a low price point. They believe that the benefits of cannabis should be a right, not a luxury, and their commitment to simplicity and consistency in their products is already making them a favorite at all our locations.


Delicious and potent Allswell cannabis gummies


We recently hosted an online webinar through the Farmacy Cannabis Lecture Series featuring Jonathan Lee and Garrett Rodewald, co-founders of Gaiaca, who explored how they’re using revolutionary processes to collect, report, and dispose of cannabis-related waste.

This is a major issue we strategize on often at the Pottery, considering that the California cannabis industry produces thousands of pounds of cannabis waste each year. Waste can include bi-products of the cultivation or manufacturing process, packaging, spoiled goods, or products that have been damaged, returned, or expired at a retailer.

Miss the live stream? You can check out that event and all past webinars here.


Cannabis experts Jonathan Lee and Garrett Rodewald


Did you know we’ve been featuring local creatives who inspire us and our customers over at our Instagram? There you’ll find incredible artists, creatives, and dream-makers— like DJ Trill, one of LA’s grooviest mixers who uses cannabis as an essential part of his creative journey. Check him out now and follow our Instagram for more local and community-centric content.

DJ Trill, local LA DJ and artist

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