The Pottery was founded on principles of minimalism and contemporary experiences. As if the store was called "The Dispensary." We keep our focus and attention on the products while selling cannabis just like coffee or wine. We enhance the lives of many and inspire creativity, good health, and a modern lifestyle with the inclusion of cannabis.

We believe in a forward-thinking society and a normalized future of cannabis use!

The Pottery is permitted to sell cannabis to anyone 21+ with a government-issued ID card. There is no medical recommendation required to make purchases at The Pottery.

The Pottery serves adults 21+ with a valid government ID and adults 18+ with a valid physician’s recommendation and a valid government ID, OR a valid county-issued medical marijuana identification card.

Adult-use raises a few questions. For more information, visit our FAQ.



Over the past decade, our team has created and built several cannabis retail stores across Los Angeles and surrounding areas. From cultivations to amazingly staffed dispensaries, we always kept the product quality and customer experience paramount. Our goal for The Pottery is to truly integrate cannabis-use as a normal good. We are very excited for what is to come!

The Pottery is our creative and modern vision for cannabis shopping in 2018 and beyond. We are ecstatic to begin selling to customers and do our part in helping people make the transition from pharmaceuticals to earth grown goods! 

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"Earth Grown Goods"

"Not Your Typical Flower Shop" 

"Plants Over Pills"  



Calling all cannabis enthusiasts! 

Looking for an opportunity to break into the newly legalized adult use, and medical cannabis industry? Here is your chance! 

The Pottery is now hiring and we need a specific group of motivated, personable, stylish, and creative locals to bring this location to life. This isn’t your mommas flower shop y’all...

The Pottery will cater to both medicinal and adult cannabis users, but with a twist. This innovative and modern architectural space, will also carry cold brew coffee, cannabis inspired home goods, and serve as an information center during this exciting time in our nations history. Plants over pills is what we promote!

If you are interested in joining our team and have experience/product knowledge, we want to meet you! Some positions available include Managers, Wellness Counselors, Receptionists, & Greeters!

Also please feel free to submit your resume and a photo to info@thepottery.la. Hope to hear from you soon!


The Pottery family!

Los Angeles

5042 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019